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The Story Behind Vidal Sassoon

Updated: May 9, 2020

As we’ve previously mentioned, one of our passions here at CWBG is getting to know the stories behind some of our favorite products, brands, hair styles, stylists and much more. It’s motivating for us to see where the spark started for many of the trailblazers we see in today’s beauty industry. Many of us have our very own aspirations and it’s comforting to know that it all starts with an idea and ends with execution, but in the process we learn. Today we’re learning about the story of Vidal Sassoon. This trendsetting brand came to life when the world-renowned hair stylist Vidal Sassoon opened his first salon in London in 1954. It was in his first salon where he challenged conventional hair cutting techniques and created technically perfect cuts that would create a legacy for his name. In the 1960’s it was common for women to visit the salon every week in order to successfully maintain their bouffant and beehive hairstyles which required heavy product to keep in place. Vidal repopularized and reinvented the Bob and Five-Point Cut which were both adaptable and effortless all while looking stylish. The Five-Point Cut gained popularity in 1963 and by the end of the 1960’s, Vidal Sassoon gained notoriety largely due to his unconventional techniques. After Vidal gained a reputation throughout London, he was able to establish a chain of hair salons in the U.K, as well as the U.S., ultimately launching his line of Vidal Sassoon hair styling products. A classic stands the test of time. The Bob and Five-Point Cut are still as popular, if not more, in 2020 as they were in 1963. It’s reaffirming to know that an idea that starts at the chair of a stylist can transform the way we see style, class, fashion and art.


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