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Mario Tricoci: The Forever Student of the Beauty Industry

Here at CWBG discovering the humbling and motivating stories behind distinguished stylists and brands can truly inspire us in the goals we set for ourselves. Today we will learn about the true inspirational story of how the legendary Mario Tricoci attained success in the cosmetology and beauty industry.

Mario Tricoci began his journey in Italy when he became an assistant at a barber shop. This is where Mario garnered his newfound love of cutting hair and shortly after became an apprentice at a local Italian salon.

Mario continued his journey when he immigrated to the United States in hopes of living the American Dream as a well-known hair stylist. He obtained his first job at a salon in Chicago where he learned new techniques and explored his artistry as a teenager in the 1950s. His passion for his craft led him to win over a hundred competitions worldwide which placed his name on the map as an esteemed hair stylist. In 1966, Tricoci won Best Hairdresser at the now American Beauty Show. Since then, Mario has been a judge, as well as a member of the board of directors of the ABS.

He opened his first salon in Villa Park, Illinois and in 1977, Mario opened the first hair salon in a major shopping center. It was here where Mario applied innovative hair-styling techniques that focused solely on Cutting and Blow-Drying hair, moving away from traditional rollers that were common at the time. He later went on to open Mario Tricoci Hair Salon and Day Spa which gave him the opportunity to show his clients how to maintain and take care of their own hair and skin. It also allowed him to train his own staff to have them work under the direction of his vision.

Mario always found it imperative to share his knowledge that he acquired over the past few decades and pass it along to the future generation of professionals so that the legacy of the beauty industry continues. This belief prompted him to open his first beauty school in 2004 as he was dedicated to inspiring and flourish determined cosmetologists to be the best they can be and by 2016 a Barber program was launched. Tricoci University has grown to a total of 16 universities and continues to push the limit of what a beauty education should offer.

As his notoriety grew, so did his anthropological efforts. His constant charity work and community efforts are a reminder of his own journey. Mario once said, “Work hard, expect a little, give a lot and you will be successful.”

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