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CWBG Interviews One of Chicago's Hidden Gems, Zara.

Zara is a talented eyebrow artist from Chicago’s West Ridge neighborhood. As a Pakistani-American cosmetologist, she has maintained a successful career as a stylist and manager for 28 years. For 24 of those years she has specialized as an eyebrow and henna artist. She is a staple in her community and one of the most sought after eyebrow artists in Chicago. Her career has allowed her to travel the world for wedding services and has even applied henna to Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from the band Aerosmith! We are proud to have Zara as an artist feature here at CWBG. We hope you enjoy the interview.


CWBG: How did you know the beauty industry would be in your future?

Zara: It began with my interest in art. As I grew up and started to attend weddings, I became interested in cosmetology, specifically in the shaping of eyebrows. I was really drawn to the art aspect of it and the different shapes, I then knew I wanted to become an eyebrow specialist. Being able to provide my clients with the look they desire and have them looking their best are what has kept me motivated.

CWBG: Aside from all the services you offer, what led you to become one of Chicago’s go-to eyebrow specialists?

Zara: I believe the consultation is very important. I make sure to personalize their eyebrow shape to fit their style which can vary since we all know eyebrow hair strands like to grow as they please. I make sure my clients know the importance of proper maintenance to help achieve their desired results. I find my clients always coming back with a plus one.

CWBG: What has been a challenge that you have faced during your career?

Zara: A challenge I continue to face is when clients get inpatient and go with the quick fix of using tweezers, shaving, etc. Threading is something that requires patience and dedication on the part of both myself and the client. If they decide to take this route and are unhappy with their results, we now have to begin from ground zero in order to get their eyebrows shaped again to their liking.

CWBG: What are the different techniques for eyebrow services you offer and do you have a choice of preference?

Zara: I offer two different services, threading and waxing. I prefer threading because you can remove from one to multiple hairs at a time, giving better definition to the shape of the eyebrow.

CWBG: Since eyebrow services have become very popular, what would you say is important to not only maintain but continue to grow your clientele?

Zara: Client relationships are key. Building a personal connection is important to me and it has gone a long way. I am known to be very gentle, pain free, and remove hair from the root instead of breaking it at the end, so it is smooth and growth is slow coming back. I always work around my client’s schedule in terms of availability so that they can count on me for their eyebrows.


Contact: Bibya Hair Design in Chicago, IL.

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Bella Boo
Bella Boo
Mar 12

Me and my daughter have been going with Zara for 12 plus years for waxing and when I moved out of state we still travel there to get our wax done . She so professional when she does it and makes us so comfortable and relax . I would most definitely recommend her .🐱😽🙌


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my son got his USA passport & election card. when can he sponsor his parents

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