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The Story Behind Kenra Professional

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

As a consumer of the professional beauty supply industry I did not notice Kenra until 2012 when I came across it on a shelf next to other hair color lines I had previously purchased. I eventually realized that this was the year Kenra Color was launched.

Kenra was founded in Indianapolis in 1929 selling a hair remover known as “No Tweeze.” For 30 years Kenra was solely known for this product until 1959 when it was purchased by Henry J. Meyers, a barber and entrepreneur. Henry J. Meyers would cut hair at his uncle's barber shop and would also enjoy selling products that he liked to purchase himself from the beauty supply company. He excelled in sales so much so that he was offered a position with the beauty supply company. His hard work helped these companies grow exponentially in a short amount of time. After his success in helping building up other companies through sales, he decided to venture on his own. He purchased Kenra in 1959 and one year later they launched their haircare line. Since then, Kenra has developed numerous new products which has led them to become one of the staples for professionals in the beauty industry. Kenra has received accolades for their products from Stylist Choice Awards and have also launched in the UK and Ireland.

I always have great interest in knowing the story behind the products I use on my clients. They are both motivating and informative. I hope to share more of these on CityWideBeautyGuide.

To learn more about Kenra products and their story, visit

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