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New Plastic : The New All-Natural and Organic Hair Smoothing Treatment

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well?

There is a popular product being used and requested by a number of stylists and clients. New Plastic and New Plastic Plus is a line product by Le Platt Cosmetique. New Plastic is an all-natural and organic smoothing hair treatment. This product contains 11 organic acids, high levels of antioxidants, rich in protein, essential amino acids, as well as Inca oil. New Plastic is quickly becoming the most sought after hair treatment.

The product is becoming very popular because of it’s soothing results, many are comparing it to the very well know Brazilian Blow-Out. The difference being that New Plastic contains no harsh chemicals, which means no horrible odor, no burning or irritation and most importantly, resulting in beautiful healthy hair. It is an organic soothing system that gives a natural smooth effect on all hair types. New Plastic Platinum is a smoothing treatment exclusively for blonde hair and highlighted strands. Le Platt Cosmetique created, what are considered to be, the newest revolutionary products for smoothing hair treatments. Make sure to ask your stylist about it next time and if you're a stylist make sure to look into this sought after treatment.

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