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Hair Appointment Etiquette (Running Late?)

Hello everyone! Hope all is well. We're back with more stylist/client scenarios which we feel need to addressed.

As a stylist, there has been situations when a guest makes an appointment for services and then make me aware of their personal time constraints minutes before. They either do not have enough time for the requested services or have an event to be at shortly thereafter.

This can be accommodated sometimes, but it depends on the services. Below are some of the scenarios and reasons why this cannot always be accomplished.

Example #1:

Guest: "I would like an all over color haircut and style I could be there at 10AM, but need to be done no later than 12PM."

Breakdown of Process:

Color application 15 to 20 minutes (estimated)

Color processing time 35 to 45 minutes (estimated)

Wash 5 to 10 minutes (estimated)

Haircut 20 to 30 minutes (estimated)

Blow dry style 25 to 35 minutes (estimated)

The services the client requested would take well over 2 hours to complete, yet they are looking to have everything done in exactly 2 hours, a little sooner than that if possible.

Example #2:

Guest: "I would like a haircut and blow dry. I could come in at 10AM and I need to be done by 11:15AM."

Breakdown of Process:

Wash 5 to 10 minutes (estimated)

Haircut 20 to 30 minutes (estimated)

Blow dry 25 to 35 minutes (estimated)

OK, this is possible! But when you arrive at 10:15 or 10:30AM and still expect to be done by 11:15AM, we need you to also be realistic with your expectations.

Trust me, we can try our best, but the correct thing to do isn't to rush us by looking at the time every five minutes and asking us if you will still be done by 11:15AM. We understand everyone's time is precious and we all know there isn't enough hours in the day. All we're asking is to evaluate the situation and understand our position as your stylist. We want nothing more than to give you the results you expect, but the necessary time is needed. What we can do is evaluate the situation, pick out the couple services we can complete within the given time and make a follow up appointment to complete the rest of the services accordingly.

Please take everything into consideration. We as stylists want to deliver the best results possible, but we need to be allowed the time to do so.

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