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Stop Keeping Your Stylist a Secret

Situation #3: (Stylist Perspective)

It is believed that one of the best marketing tools is simply word of mouth. I personally believe it is. As a stylist, it can take quite some time to build your clientele, for me personally, guest referrals helped me a great deal with that. As much as most of us enjoy what we do, it is also our job and what we do for a living, therefore building and maintaining our clientele is extremely important. However, I had many of my guests apologize to me as they admitted to not liking to share who their stylist was. Clients would tell me they didn't want others going to the same stylist because they did not want others asking for the same color/hairstyle. They wanted to keep me a secret. Maybe so I wasn't overbooked when they needed me? Or who knows why exactly, but the bottom line is it hurts our business.

Allow me to explain my perspective on this, we stylists need your referrals in order to continue working in the field. This means so we can stay in business and continue to give you the services you love. Also, keep in mind that many can ask for the same color and style, but not everyone looks the same with it. You define your style; your hair color or hairstyle does not. If the person whom you have referred to us asks for the same service as yours, it doesn't necessarily mean that's what will be done. We stylists will give them recommendations because your style perhaps will not be the best fit for them. For future reference, just please keep in mind that we really appreciate it when someone walks in the salon or calls for an appointment and we are told they were referred by you. It not only helps us stay in business, but it also motivates us to keep delivering the high quality services you've come to enjoy.

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