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CityWideBeautyGuide Interviews Amy Collazo

Hello everyone! We're so excited about our second artist feature here on CityWideBeautyGuide. Amy Collazo has been in the industry for 13 years now. Her career began as a makeup artist for Lancôme and Bare Minerals, as well as a cosmetologist. She was a graduate of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, which she ultimately returned to as the Enrollment Advisor after working at a Lincoln Park salon and doing magazine/fashion show work. She then became the Student Success Advisor and awarded the Student Success Advisor of the Year. She is currently the Campus Director for Tricoci University of Beauty Culture and has been a key person in launching a barbering program at TUBC in January of 2016. We are proud to have Amy as an artist feature here at CWBG. We hope you enjoy the interview.


CWBG: As a stylist, did you specialize in any services? What was the one service that really helped you grow your clientele?

Amy: As a stylist color was always my thing. Male color really helped me build my clientele and then color in general helped me build my female clientele.

CWBG: How has the transition been from a stylist to your current position now? And how does it all come full circle for you?

Amy: Being a stylist first really helped me understand the student dynamic all together. I was a student at the same campus I direct now. I feel that it helped me really guide my students in the right direction and to paint a realistic view of the industry.

CWBG: Are there any events you’ve been a part of in the past or that you’re looking forward to in the future?

Amy: I am the backstage makeup and hair director for Latino Fashion Week. I competed in the Xotics Hair Battle Tour (1st Place Best Bob with Color.) I was apart of Full Blooded Barber Battle, Team Indiana Barber Expo and the Wahl Cutting Competition. I've taught color classes at B-Groomed and the Midwest Barber & Beauty Expo as well.

CWBG: What is the one eye shadow palette you MUST have when performing a makeup service?

Amy: Urban Decay is my go to for eyeshadow. I can't just pick one palette...I need them all!

CWBG: What would be your advice for a stylist who’s looking to explore other options within the industry?

Amy: Get out and network. Stop limiting your potential. You will never know how far you can go if you don't even try. Be a student forever and invest in your education.


Amy Collazo can be contacted at or on instagram @amycollazo

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