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CityWideBeautyGuide Interviews Iris Guevara

Iris Guevara

We are proud to introduce our very first artist feature, Iris Guevara. Iris is a young talented artist who's been doing hair and makeup since 2011. Her work has been featured on Mod Magazine, Teen Vogue, Seventeen Magazine, Linger, Chicago Style Weddings, Plus Model Magazine, Curve and The G.O.O.D.S Magazine. We had the opportunity to interview Iris on how she started in the industry and what she's accomplish thus far.


CWBG: Hello Iris, first of all, I wanted to thank you for being the first person featured on CityWideBeautyGuide. I've been following your work for some time now and it's awesome to see a Latina from Chicago doing great things in our field. Can you tell us a little about your background and what inspired you from your surroundings to pursue a career in the beauty industry?

Iris: Thank you so much for the feature, it is an honor! I was born in Honduras, when we came to the US my mother enrolled in cosmetology school. I was never into toys but I found interest in her hair mannequins and would play with their hair. I liked reading her books and would study along with her. As I grew older I started learning how to do updo’s, I would beg my friends to let me style their hair. I never thought that I could make a living for myself doing what I enjoyed. However, back in 2011 I was able to quit my corporate job and do hair and makeup full time. With time I was able to work on my portfolio, I signed with an agency Factor Chosen and now I am able to create an income using my passion.

CWBG: What within the industry do you enjoy working on the most and why?

Iris: I really enjoy working on photoshoots. It’s amazing to work behind the scenes with a team of creative artists to bring out images that people enjoy.

Photographer: Emily Gualdoni

Model: Jasmine Alleva -Ford Models

CWBG: Since our focus is to open the lines of communication between stylist and client, what is one thing you feel clients can change or do better to improve their experience with you?

Iris: Bridal is a big part of my work, I like to cater to my brides and make their vision a reality. I think one of the biggest issues that comes up a lot is when brides use Pintrest, Instagram to gather inspiration. With all the photoshop that the images receive it sometimes creates a communication barrier between us. It’s important that brides know that we take inspiration from the images but the final product will be catered and be specific to their hair color, hair texture, eye color etc.

CWBG: Let's talk about some of your favorite product brands. What are your go-to products for hairstyling? What's your favorite brush line? And what is the one product/tool you have to have during a service?

Iris: For bridal I love Kenra hair line, the sprays help the styles lasts all day. For bridal makeup I use airbrush and Temptu is my go to line. I am a big believer in skincare before makeup, I really enjoy Embryolisse and natural oils. My favorite brush line for sure is Bdellium Tools, They are created specifically for artists. For makeup I like to have a variety of lines, I love Face Atelier, Tom Ford, Eve Pearl and Makeup Forever. I honestly can not do hair without my trusted 99 cent rat tooth comb.

Photographer : Luthmila Paredes

Model: Anastasia Kara -Factor Models

CWBG: What is the one thing you want people to recognize you for when they hear your name in our industry?

Iris: I work really hard to keep my brand and business classic and personal. I am not big on trends that come and go. I love simplicity and looks that are tailored exactly for the client. I want my clients to know that when they work with me they are getting a personal, professional experience.

CWBG: Are there any other projects you would like our readers to know about that they should look out for from you?

Iris: At the moment I am taking some time to test, traveling bit to work with new photographers, creating new images to enhance my portfolio.

(Photos are samples of Iris Guevara's work.)


Iris can be contacted at or via instagram @iris_guevara.

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