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Guide: Did You Invest On Your Hair This Holiday Season? Here are some tips on how to maintain it.

The holiday season is a busy time for beauty salons. As a client, visiting a salon during the holiday season has been a must for me. As a stylist, I've experienced the holiday rush at the salon. What I've learned is that many of us visit a beauty salon for a refresher or a new look before the new year.

Now that the holiday season is over here are a few suggestions on maintaining that holiday hair investment. Keep in mind, you already spent money on your new look, why not take the appropriate measures to make sure you maintain it for as long as possible. A little added investment in it can go a long way. Talk to your stylist about these suggestions.

There are different shampoos and conditioners for your hair texture and hair color. It is important you use the correct one based on your current look. This can help your hair look healthy and beautiful until your next service appointment.

Another suggestion would be to purchase the appropriate hair styling products needed to keep your current look up to date. For example if you had a color service, the proper products can make your color last longer and decrease the chances of it fading.

Following these tips will help maintain your new look until your next service appointment. By the way, be sure to set that follow up appoint with your stylist, if you haven't already.

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