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Great Technique for Front Face Frame Area (How Your Stylist Can Help Keep Your Bangs Away From Your

Hola chicas y chicos! Hope all is well and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend with their family and friends. For now, it's back to business. I wanted to share an awesome technique I've been using on my guests ever since I came across it online. Sam Villa has some amazing tutorials online and this is one that has been extremely useful for myself and my guests. I use this whenever cutting a side fringe (bangs) that will be below the eyebrow. This helps the guest wear it without it becoming annoying and constantly on their face. Stylists, next time when cutting a fringe you may want to try this. Guests, make your stylist aware of this technique which will make your fringe much easier to style and wear. You will both love the results.

You can purchase the shears and comb used by Sam Villa in this tutorial by visiting his online store or locally at Salon Centric.

- Sandy O.

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