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I Want a Trim, Not a Haircut

Situation #2 (Stylist Perspective):

A hair trim is often used synonymously with the word haircut. Often times it is used when a guest desires to cut off only the ends or not “too much." We as stylist understand that, trust me we do, but I have learned that it is also expected to pay less because it’s just a “trim.”

Let me explain why this is still charged as a haircut. There are many types of haircuts, when working on any of them, the same steps must be followed to achieve the desired style, whether we're cutting just the ends or a couple of inches. Though steps may vary amongst stylists, the outcome is to preserve the existing haircut style. For the most part, if a guest is asking for a "trim," they are looking to keep their current haircut style. Regardless of that, we must still detangle and part their hair before starting any haircut. Then we must section off each parting to proceed with cutting the hair. The only difference between what guests consider to be a "haircut" and a "trim" is where my shears stop to cut the length.

Guests are usually under the impression that by us cutting a lesser amount of hair, we should then charge them a lesser amount for the cut. The process and the time invested are identical, which is something we as stylists need to communicate to our guests. Most salons also offer a wash and a blow dry style with every haircut, no matter the length of what is being cut. All of this needs to be taken into consideration the next time you ask for a "trim."

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