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Yes, I Know I Have A Lot of Hair!

Situation #1 (Client Perspective):

Okay, so I walk into a salon and once in the chair the stylist acknowledges the amount of hair on my head. No problem, thanks, now let's keep it moving. But of course, that's not the case. Now this has become the topic of conversation and all I keep hearing is, “Oh my! You have so much hair...Oh wow! You have a lot of hair!" Meanwhile, all I am thinking is, "ummm yes I know, I am fully aware of the amount of hair on my head," yet the stylist continues to tell me like I don’t already know!!!

Oh, but that’s not enough, why do you feel the need to share this information with not only your peers, but other clients as well. So now guess what??? I am the center of attention as everyone, and I mean everyone, is looking at my hair! Aaaaah! Now the only thing going through my mind is, "Ok, now I am uncomfortable and annoyed. Can you please just finish doing my hair so I can leave! As a matter of fact, I don’t even want to speak to you anymore…." The remainder of the time I am in your chair I will just pretend to be busy on my phone, soooo thankful for these smart phones.

One thing is to pay a compliment, another is to make me feel self-conscious. You make me feel as if I'm going to be a difficult client solely based on the amount of hair I have. I came here to relax, get my hair done, get a boost of confidence and maybe a little convo. On contrary, I received what I felt as criticism and a bunch of onlookers making me feel uncomfortable. Thanks!

Maybe next time (if there is a next time) just pay me the compliment in a genuine manner, ideally between us and make me feel comfortable in your chair. After all I am your guest looking for a positive experience with my stylist.

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